Just Ask Campaign

The Just Ask campaign represents a significant stride in the digital era, emphasizing the critical impact of outstanding User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design on promoting responsible gambling. Under the leadership of our visionary Art Director and propelled by insightful, data-driven strategies, I’ve forged a path for individuals seeking support to seamlessly connect with essential, life-altering resources.

Concept to Creation

Advanced Web Design Techniques

At the foundation of this endeavor was a pivotal realization—the power to enable individuals to make informed gambling choices. My approach was both bold and comprehensive. By thoroughly understanding my client’s objectives, I embarked on creating a platform that transcends traditional awareness campaigns. Leveraging advanced web design techniques, CSS, HTML, jQuery, and a deep commitment to UX/UI design and wireframing, I aimed to revolutionize the way support and information was delivered in the realm of responsible gambling. This initiative is grounded in a profound comprehension of the needs and challenges faced by those it aims to aid, driving us from innovative ideas to the creation of a platform that redefines engagement and support in the digital space.

Wireframes and User Interface

I kicked off with the creation of wireframes, the digital backbone of the Just Ask website. Using cutting-edge tools like Figma, I designed a layout that screams ease of use and rich, interactive experiences. Every step was bold and deliberate, aimed at forging an intuitive space that inspires self-reflection and exploration.

Design and Customization

The Art Director at Russell Herder ignited the design phase, transforming the wireframe into a visionary masterpiece. Armed with Photoshop and Illustrator, I unleashed an aesthetic that echoes our mission—guidance through clarity. Our choice of color palettes, typography, and imagery isn’t just about looks; it’s a strategic move to reflect the supportive and informative core of Just Ask.

Development and Implementation

From concept to creation, my development journey was nothing short of meticulous! Leveraging the power of WordPress and Elementor, alongside the mastery of HTML, CSS, and jQuery, I catapulted the wireframes into a dynamic, high-functioning digital masterpiece. My unwavering commitment to mobile optimization guarantees the Just Ask website stands out, delivering seamless, top-notch performance across all devices.


The Just Ask campaign is the revolution in design meets tech! It’s more than a redesign; it’s a pledge, a commitment to transforming user interaction with online resources. This isn’t just a website; it’s the new standard in user-centric navigation and engagement. It’s making waves, leaving a profound impact on those seeking guidance on responsible gambling.

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