Know the Dangers

The “Know the Dangers” initiative stands as a pivotal moment in the digital revolution, where the fusion of clarity and creativity sets new standards for UX/UI and product design excellence. Selected by the State of Minnesota for a critical mission to combat opioid overdose, this project transcends being merely an accolade; it embodies the commitment to innovation and excellence.

Concept to Creation

Advanced Web Design Techniques

At the core of the “Know the Dangers” campaign is a clear, data-driven strategy, aimed at not just informing the public but sparking action against the menace of drug use. Leveraging advanced web design techniques, CSS, HTML, jQuery, and a meticulous approach to UX/UI design and wireframing, I embarked on a mission to transform public awareness. This endeavor reflects my deep understanding of the challenge at hand, driving us from conceptual innovation to creating a platform that revolutionizes how drug-use threats are communicated and combated in the digital age.

Wireframes and User Interface

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge tools like Figma, I transformed the wireframing process into an exhaustive and enlightening journey! By crafting complex interactions and user journeys, I focused with laser precision on intuitive navigation. This wasn’t just a step; it was a giant leap in designing a path that puts user engagement front and center, driving straight to the heart of our mission: safety and awareness.

Design and Customization

My design journey for “Know the Dangers” wasn’t just about looks—it was a strategic mission to infuse life into the campaign. Leveraging Photoshop powerhouse capabilities combined with Russell Herder’s art director creative mastery, I unleashed a digital experience that screams the urgency and critical importance of our initiative. Every choice, from the explosive color schemes to the assertive typography, was meticulously crafted to strike a chord with the audience, creating an impactful connection that transcends mere digital interaction.

Development and Implementation

The “Know the Dangers” wasn’t just ambitious, it was a revolution. I didn’t settle for a simple facelift; I transformed the entire platform functionally and visually. With groundbreaking features like the custom WordPress naloxone finder and an Ajax-driven resource section, I made accessing life-saving information fast and effortless. My code wasn’t just code—it was my pledge to use technology as a force for good, turning the platform into a towering beacon of knowledge and assistance.

Custom WordPress naloxone finder: picture this—creating a naloxone finder tool in WordPress wasn’t just about coding. It was about building a beacon, shining the light on life-saving resources with creativity and impact. I didn’t just aim to make a difference; I did.

Ajax-driven resource section: with Ajax, I kept the information flowing smoothly, no refresh needed. This wasn’t just about enhancing the user experience; it was about providing instant access to crucial information, showcasing my commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for the greater good.

Bootstrap theme & server upgrades: facing high monthly traffic, I didn’t just respond—I upgraded. By shifting to a robust bootstrap theme and powerful servers, I boosted my agility and stability. This move wasn’t just about handling traffic; it was about ensuring peak performance and reliability, demonstrating my unwavering commitment to excellence.


My project went way beyond just a website facelift; we’re talking about launching a powerhouse online resource that’s robust, reliable, and super responsive. The “Know the Dangers” site is now a beacon of what happens when visionary design meets purpose-driven development – it’s the ultimate blend of beauty and brains, all in the name of saving lives.

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